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Hello and Welcome to my website and internet haven.


Sarah Davies

Sarah Davies

I am Sarah Davies [aka Sarah Dee] a Designer, Marketer and Mentor and Trainer providing my services to individuals, small businesses, community groups and charities in South East London and beyond.

I am passionate about the internet with a special  interest in entrepreneurship. I believe that along with  education, health and stable government;  job creation through enterprise is key to alleviating poverty especially in disadvantaged communities.

I inspire, train and assist people especially those in the creative industries and in the charity sector to start and promote their businesses and causes on-line.

People ranging from musicians, chefs, photographers, models,  authors, artisans, product designers, make-up artists to dressmakers, hairdressers, social entrepreneurs and more.

Having attained a Postgraduate Diploma in IT with eBusiness and learnt a lot about internet start-ups in the process,  I particularly want to empower people to go the extra mile in turning their PASSION into a BREADWINNER…

I hope you enjoy this site. I’ll be updating it regularly to reflect my most recent projects  so check me out often (:-) and send in your feedback . Also remember to connect with me via YouTube and Twitter.

Please take a look at some samples of my work and the range of services I have to offer..

Interested in hiring me..?

Then your vision is my mission, get in touch with me for a chat about your plans and project.

I ‘d love to hear from you.

To your success.

Sarah Dee